We will follow all the relevant safety procedures will during the cleaning. The detergents are proven to be 100% safe for you and the environment. We recommend, however, children to stay away from damp carpets and rugs to prevent slips.
Our carpet cleaners will leave overshoes for you. You can use them to step on the carpets right after the cleaning. Please, be careful when stepping on the the damp carpeting. Allow carpets to fully dry before walking on them with shoes. That way you will avoid soiling the wet fibres.
First, do not panic. It is best to call us right away on 020 3404 5430 and talk with one of our assistants.
Applying a stain protection layer to your carpeting will protect it from spills and stains for a long time. It will also make it easier to hover, and it will prevent the dirt to penetrate deep in the fibres.
We strongly recommend calling for a professional treatment. You better not try to use any market-available detergents on the stains. They are most likely to set the stains in and damage your carpet or upholstery.
Depends on the carpet's fibres, backing, the indoor humidity and airflow. It also depends on the carpet cleaning method. Under normal conditions, the carpets should dry in 3 to 8 hours. You can open a window to speed up the process. The cleaners can use air-movers to reduce the drying time if you mention it when booking our services.
We offer our professional cleaning services 7 days a week, regardless of weekends or bank holidays. Our mission is to provide you with reliable services whenever you need them.
All our methods are designed to deliver great results and customer satisfaction. Fibres, backing, stains, fitting and general dirt will be taken into account when choosing the cleaning methods. Our cleaners have the right skills and equipment to restore your carpets to their best. You will be advised on what results to expect when you make your booking.
We use one of the best detergents in the industry. They are eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for humans and animals. If you have any allergies, please inform the customer assistant when you book your service. We will make sure to use alternative cleaning solutions.
Our staff is fully insured and we perform background checks on all our employees. We send only trained and certified cleaners.
We use the latest detergents and cleaning machines but not all stains can be entirely removed. Please, describe the stain and the type of your carpet when you call us. We will do our best to perfectly clean your carpeting.
This depends on the traffic your carpets get. Stain protecting your carpeting also makes a difference. Most carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets once or twice a year at least.
Call us on 020 3404 5430 or use our online contact form. We'll be happy to answer all your questions.